Advance Animations leads the robotics industry in innovation and creative thinking. Our areas of expertise include the world’s best known theme park and casino attractions.

Our talented team also specializes in captivating museum edu-tainment exhibits and remarkable retail displays. Today, our creations are sought after in all corners of the globe.

Muppets Traffic Safety2023-10-13T23:15:48-04:00
Institute For Creation Research2023-10-12T01:28:42-04:00
Disney’s The Little Mermaid2023-10-13T01:04:52-04:00
Sam’s Town2023-10-13T00:49:13-04:00
MGM EFX! Show2023-10-12T17:31:11-04:00
The Fall of Atlantis2023-10-12T01:30:12-04:00
Dinosaur Gallery2023-10-12T22:22:51-04:00
Chimelong Paradise2023-10-13T00:54:57-04:00
Universal Studios’ Wizarding World2023-10-13T01:09:07-04:00
Animal Grossology2023-10-12T01:33:09-04:00