For over 40 years, Advanced Animations has been a global leader in developing cutting-edge animatronics and creating entertaining environmental experiences.

ADVANCED ANIMATIONS continues to innovate and develop state-of-the art characters. Over the years our team of artists, mechanics and engineers have established a reputation for fabricating high quality figures that last a long time. Here’s some nuts & bolts that separate us from others.

  • Here in the green mountains of Vermont, we offer our clients a completely turn-key service from concept to fabrication to installation. Our staff is full-time, allowing them to improve their skills continuously.
  • We work on a lot of different types of projects, and thus no two are alike. Projects may include animation, set & scenery, special FX, interactive exhibits, props and more.
  • Animation is simply motion. From our life-like sculpting, to our skin materials, to how we make our figures move, we create the most life-like animations in the industry. We were among the first to utilize Hydraulic Compliant-Motion Technology in our motion systems, which allows our figures to mimic natural motion.
animatronic ET built for Universal Studios by Advanced Animations
  • Our Advanced Digital Air-motion system uses technology that allows our figures to move quicker and eliminates the jerky “boing” effect typical of some animations. As a result our figures last longer with less maintenance.
  • We developed an “Articulated Facial Motion System” that simulates those of a real person. By moving the eyes, lips, cheeks and eyebrows in multiple dimensions, we create figures with very expressive faces.
  • Our Figure Finish, from paint to costuming, achieves a high degree of realism, both in accuracy and detail of costuming and in programming of motion skills. From humans to animals, our figures look so life-like that you’d swear they’re real.

“We make it happen!”

An incredibly life-like animatronic driver created by Advanced Animations
animatronic Hippogriff built for Universal Studios by Advanced Animations
Revenge of The Mummy attraction at Universal Studios, Orlando