Advanced Animations "Circus World" Show is Just The Ticket For Your F.E.C.
Circus World Jamboree Show Availability
During the past three years, Advanced Animations has built eight complete Circus World Jamboree Shows for Circus World Pizza. While these shows have proven to be a very strong form of entertainment, Brunswick Corporation has decided to focus their resources on their primary business. We have taken this opportunity to repurchase one new show and three used shows (built in 1994) and make them available for resale as very exceptional values.
This attraction is a proven crowd-pleaser that not only entertains children, but also generates return visits due to the variety and quality of motion and programming. When originally developed, each complete show sold for approximately $300,000.00.
The stage show features four lovable animated characters - ringmaster Lucky the lion...Lucy the lioness, the queen of the trapeze...Peter the penguin playing his "talking" pipe organ...and Barney the drumming bear. Children of all ages laugh, sing and clap along with the musical show.

But That's Not All folks!
This circus also stars The Great Bodini, billed as "the human cannonball," who never quite learned how to aim a cannon. With great fanfare, lights and super special effects. Bodini manages to miss the net EVERY TIME! But fear not, because he never gives up, telling his audience that he'll be back to try it again. And, when you least expect it, Hankie the clown scoots along overhead doing his death-defying high wire act. It's the biggest show under the big top, and Advanced Animations has it all - complete with character animation, scenics, staging, music sound tracks, lighting and special effects.

Advanced Animations can be contacted at:
Rte. 10T PO. Box 34
Stockbridge, VT 05772
Phone: (802)-746-8974
Fax: (802)-746-8971

Description of the Feature Show Package Plus Additional Features.

Feature Attraction
Lucky the Lion
Lucy on Swing
Peter and Calliope
Barney the Bear
Vacuform Stage Decorations (4 panels)
Show Control Equipment & CD Playback System

Additional Characters
Hankie the Clown on High Wire
The Fabulous Flying Bodini
Rope Lights and Net for Bodini
Faux Stone Panels (for Bodini's feet reveal)
12 Strobe lights and control equipment

Circus World Show Tune List
1 Come to the Circus
2 Circus World Jamboree Extravaganza
3 Circus World Rock and Roll Show 1
4 We Wanna Be Your Friends
5 Hankie the Clown
6 Circus World Singalong
7 The Circus World Parade
8 The Fabulous Flying Bodini Show
9 Circus World Rock and Roll Show II
10 The Circus World Hoe-down
11 The Circus World Jamboree Patriotic Show
12 Just Say No, Be A Hero
13 The Circus World Birthday Show
14 The Circus World Mystery
15 Barney the Bear
16 Animals and People Living Side By Side
17 The Circus Train
18 Peter and His Magical Singing Pipes
19 Lucy and Lucky
20 Bodini's Stuck in the Wall
21 Lucky Says

Show Tune List cont.
22 Seven Brunswick Christmas Songs
    1. Four Jolly Circus Animals
    2. Christmas Sinalong I
    3. T'was The Night Before Christmas
    4 Christmas Singalong II
    5. lt's Christmas Time At Circus World
    6 Christmas Singalong lit
    7. The Twelve Days of Christmas

Additional Requirements
(Not Included Above)
Stage (approximately 12'x 6' minimum)
Curtains and Overhead Supports
Freight (FOB Stockbridge, VT USA)

Feature Attraction $50,000

Licensing Rights
Rights to use all of the custom written songs, musical
scores and audiotapes are available at a cost of $1,000
per year.

Conditions of Sale
Shows may be inspected in our Stockbridge, VT,
facility and are sold as-is.

Advanced Animations offers installation services at an
additional cost. Cost estimates are available upon request.

Note: Show Videotapes and Audiotapes available on request.